At Lazarus Artisan Goods, we often say that "People matter, and so do their stories."  Our story is an anthology of our artisans' stories, which chronicle the courage and determination required to invest in oneself.  In rural Honduras, often young men and women are pulled out of school prior to completing their six-grade education in order to find a way to bring home some money to offset their family's expenses.

It can be difficult to imagine a family discouraging or forbidding their son or daughter from seeking secondary education until you appreciate that the tradeoff is an immediate financial hit to the entire family because that member will no longer contribute to the family's income.  

All of our artisans begin as students in a three-year vocational program by our sister organization, Mission Lazarus.  The apprenticeship grants a stipend to each student to disarm the legitimate financial tension that having a student in the family creates in many rural households. 

Our artisans come from farming families.  Coming into the program, they all understand how to sow a seed and how to reap a harvest.  But they learn to apply the idea to themselves.   By graduation, they understand that the reward for investing in yourself is a lifetime of dignity and purpose.   

Our artisans love what they do.  They make beautiful artisan goods.  We sell them to you.  But it all happens because our artisans are tenaciously committed to bettering their lives and the lives of their families.  


We thank you for supporting our artisans and for loving our luxury leather goods!