People matter, and so do their stories.

Our story = our artisans' stories, which chronicle the courage and determination required to invest in oneself.

In rural Honduras, young people are often pulled out of school before 6th grade in order to support their farming-focused family. Although it feels impossible to imagine, it tells of a worldwide reality. 

Through Lazarus Academy, students receive three years of vocational training while obtaining their high school education. When they graduate, they have a marketable skill they can use to support themselves and their families for years to come. The students who choose leatherwork as their vocational training path can get a job making leather goods at our leather studio. 100% of the profits from sales of our beautiful leather goods go back into this program to support our artisans.

leather artisan in Honduras sewing

Our artisans love what they do, and they couldn't do it without your purchases.

 leather artisan in Haiti sewing


Our Commitment

Our purpose is to create secure employment with a fair, living wage, to improve communities and their people around the developing world through People, Planet, Purpose, and Profit.


We create great jobs for people because they are truly the most valuable natural resource on the planet. 


We take care of our home. It is our God-given responsibility to steward the planet in the regions in which we live and work. We are committed to business practices that mutually benefit both People and Planet by preserving the natural environment and improving its conditions for future generations. 


We invite people to live better, now and for eternity. We care for people by building relationships and offering opportunities to further their development in all areas of life.


Because our profit is diversified (from more revenue to deeper relationships), we celebrate success even when we “break even.” Our objective is to create lasting value in the lives of our employees and artisans. We are an intentional capitalist model that prioritizes Kingdom purposes that radically and sustainably transform lives.