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Handcrafted leather goods

made with dignity

in Honduras and Haiti.

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Shop customer faves! Our leather bags are handmade using the finest hides that each display their own unique texture and character. Luxurious to the touch and durable enough to use every day, which will only make them better with time.

Isabel Backpack
  • $145.00
Cecilia Tote
  • $195.00
Don Javier Briefcase
  • $265.00
Everyday Shoulder Bag
  • $135.00

What's different about us?

Lazarus Artisan Goods creates secure employment with a fair, living wage, to improve communities and their people around the developing world through People, Planet, Purpose, and Profit.

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What customers have to say...

I LOVE my leather laptop tote. It is well made and will last for a long time.


LOVE my leather bag from Mission Lazarus!!! It will last forever AND I feel great having purchased it where I did!


Awesome stuff. All hand made with heart.

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Meet the Artisans

Stories of our craftsmen and women, and their inspiration.

Kilber's Life is Different Because of You

Kilber’s education wouldn’t be possible without the efforts of many people. If Kilber is in school his father has one less hand to help plant, tend...

Claudette's Journey to School

In America, learning a trade isn’t so out of the ordinary. Sometimes it’s what we do because we have an interest in it, we find something we’re goo...

Jasmine Learns an Unexpected Trade

Jasmine lives in the village of Guanijiquil, which is approximately one hour from the Mission Lazarus administrative offices and Lazarus Academy in...

The Enduring Quality of Handmade Leather

In a world characterized by fast fashion and disposable goods, there's something profoundly captivating about the enduring quality of handmade leat...

A Lighthouse to Bring Hope to David

Las Delicias is one of the most beautiful villages in our region in Honduras, but it has the same fate as all villages in the country - there are n...

Crafty Ways to Personalize Your Leather Bag

You’ve purchased our Everyday Shoulder Bag, a handmade leather bag that you’ve been drooling over for months now! Congratulations! While each of ou...

Leather Goods: By Hand Vs. By Machine

Handmade leather products and machine mass-produced ones differ in several ways, including the level of craftsmanship, quality, customization optio...

The Versatility of Our Leather Bags

Leather totes and backpacks are favorable for on-the-go consumers. There are numerous uses because our handmade leather totes not just fashionable...

Where You Live Affects the Patina of Leather

A well-developed patina adds a sense of uniqueness and character to any handmade leather item. Each piece of leather ages differently, reflecting t...

An Opportunity for Kilmer to Work

Kilmer lives in the village of Las Delicias outside of San Marcos de Colon. His community is comprised mostly of subsistence farmers. These hardwor...