Impact: The Quadruple Bottom Line

Lazarus Artisan Goods is committed to measuring impact based on a quadruple bottom line that measures success across the outcome of four indicators.  Our quadruple bottom line is comprised of the following indicators:

People     Planet     Purpose     Profit

While we are able to see a significant impact in all of these areas we believe that true success can only be seen when a net of the whole is considered.

People:  Contrary to the ideologies of many we believe that the People truly are the most valuable natural resource of any community, region or country.  When this value is not appreciated then the People migrate from their communities to other communities, from other communities to other regions, from other regions to further region, and eventually to other countries.  All in search of an opportunity to be valued, and this is most easily evidenced by being able to acquire sustainable employment.  This natural human desire is so strong that many will risk their lives trying to have access to a better opportunity.  Through a work environment that does not put our Profits over our People we are able to join our employees in their search to find a life in abundance for themselves, their families, and their communities. 

Picture:  Ernesto Izaguirre investing in new employees.

Planet:  Environmental concern is a subject of great discussion and passion for many and it has become politicized.  We, however, are not trying to make a political statement.  We believe that regardless of any political view that mankind has been entrusted with an incredible natural resource, the Earth.  We believe that stewarding the planet that we live on in the regions that we live and work in is the responsibility of us all, independent of what any government dictates.  Our commitment is that we will not choose business practices for the sake of higher profit margins that will potentially adversely affect the condition of our planet. This commitment not only guarantees a great natural environment for generations to come  but also allows us to share the amazing story of creation with the future of the Kingdom. 

Picture:  Coffee farm employees making organic fertilizer. 

Purpose:  Our purpose is defined as, “Cultivating dignity and purpose in the lives of individuals so that they can live better lives now and for forever.”  This is evidenced by :

  1. Our intentional approach to building relationships with each one of our employees, viewing them as having great intrinsic value rather than only viewing them as being able to produce value for the company.
  2. Our commitment to living life out with each of our employees and ignoring the stigmas around the “sacred and the secular”.
  3. Our commitment to have a sustainable model to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with those around us.

Picture:  Carpenter, Ramon, leading morning devotional.

Profit:  Our companies must earn a financial profit, otherwise they will not exist.  With this in mind we will claim success even when we are only breaking even.  Contrary to a typical corporate structure where the objective is to create value for the shareholders, our objective is to prove that a capitalist model does exist that can transform lives, sustainably, for the long term.  We strive to generate wealth, as much as possible, both spiritual and financial, for all of our employees. 

Picture:  The Rosa Lilia tote