Lazarus Artisan Goods is committed to creating secure employment with a fair, living wage because after a decade of work in the developing world, we have seen it is an absolute requisite to improve communities, and more importantly, those living within them.

For these reasons, we track growth and success on a quadruple bottom line:  People, Planet, Purpose, Profit.  While we do measure the impact of each indicator separately, it is the entire equity generated across these indicators that provides the truest picture of its legacy.

People.  People are truly the most valuable natural resource on the planet.  Where people resources are not valued or developed, they migrate from their origin elsewhere -  from communities to other communities or regions, from regions to further regions and even to other countries.  It is a survival instinct that drives this migration, but it is an audacious hope to thrive in life that pushes people to search and seize a viable livelihood. We create good jobs for people because our first mission is People. 

Planet.  We take care of our home.  It is our God-given responsibility to steward the planet in the regions in which we live and work.  We are committed to business practices that mutually benefit both People and Planet by preserving the natural environment and improving its conditions for future generations. 

Purpose.  We invite people to live better, now and for eternity.  We are committed to caring for people by building relationships with them and offering opportunities to further their development in all areas of life.  We embrace the space where the sacred and the secular converge in order to build and expand the Kingdom of God.

Profit.  We are exhilarated by profit, which we measure in revenue, new hires, better conservation practices, deep relationships, spiritual development, and quality family life.  Because our profit is diversified, we can and do celebrate success even when some of these measures only manage to “break even.” Contrary to a typical corporate structure where the objective is to create value for the shareholders, our objective is to create lasting value in the lives of our employees.  We want to be noticed as an intentional, successful capitalist model that prioritizes kingdom purposes in the marketplace with outcomes that transform lives radically and sustainably.