Chamberlain's Restore and Protect Leather Care Set: No. 1 No. 2 No. 3

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Brand Spankin’ New

I used this leather milk and had NO IDEA how dirty my (Mission Lazarus!) bag was. The cloth afterwards was pretty gross and my bag looked clean as a whistle. A little goes a long way and it’s got a subtle but pleasant scent. Recommend to inject some life back into your leather gear.

Thanks for your review, Stephanie!


Over two years ago, my husband bought me a leather tote bag from Mission Lazarus, which I love and used the tote bag every day! By the time I was asked to try the Chamberlains Leather Milk product, the leather lost its luscious warm look and in the process becoming hardened. Within two days using Formula One and Two, the leather became supple again and the color revived to its original state. This product in my opinion is Golden!

Thank you for reviewing our new leather care products, Dawn!

Making all things NEW!

We have a few of the Mission Lazarus products and we were asked to review the Chamerlains Restore and Protect Leather treatment - It is fabulous! We really enjoy our Mission Lazarus products and we were glad to use a product that protects them. All previous scratches are more the same color as the leather and all the leather we have used it on is more supple and resistant to scratches and marks from everyday use. You can trust this product to care for your leather goods - even shoes and boots!

Jenni, thanks for taking the time to share your opinion with other customers. So glad you love our leather products and this new leather care line!

Tiffaney Wegand
Makes your special bag look brand new!

I've had my Naomi Tote for a year and I never applied a protectant to the bag, so it was looking rough! I was asked to try this product and absolutely loved it! I loved how the product comes packaged - clear ziplock bag with the product, directions, a card and a cloth to use. It was easy to apply and smelled good. It made a lot of my minor marks completely disappear, or less visible. The major marks I have are less visible and looks much better. The bag looks beautiful with a rich color. I would highly recommend this product, especially on your Mission Lazarus leather products!

Thank you for the review Tiffaney, we are glad you love your Noemy Tote and these new Leather Care products!