The Open Doors of Ana Julia

Ana Julia is your grandmother and mine.  She is the hospitable, smiling, wise woman who loves spending time in the kitchen, always ready to whisk you into her home and feed you. 

But she's more than that.  She's a community leader.  In 2003, her mountain village had no access to medical care until she volunteered her home for use as a medical clinic while one was being built.

I saw patients in that clinic for over a year, and got to know Ana Julia very well.  She became my friend and surrogate grandmother.  When it was time to move in to the facilities of the Lazarus Clinic, I was overwhelmingly sad.  But she brought her smile to us, each time she came to the clinic.  

Commemorating her warmth and hospitality, the Ana Julia tote is a perfect companion.  Be reminded of the comforts of home and loved ones whenever you carry this bag.  Buy it here.  We love you, Ana Julia!