Rosa Lilia

We belong to each other, and the more we understand this, the more beautiful our world will be.

We named the Rosa Lilia Tote after our friend Rosa Lilia. Read on to learn more about her incredible legacy.

Rosa Lilia has raised 10 children, 34 grandchildren, 25 great-grandchildren and 2 great-great-grandchildren. She's an influencer of count them, 71, human beings.  When grandmothers are more than grandmothers, they are loved with a deep love.  This is how Luis Brizio, her ninth grandchild, and our operations director, describes his love for.  Like a second mom, Rosa Lilia was always there for him, to protect and advise, especially regarding his father, who suffered from alcoholism.

She has always urged her grandchildren to study and persevere no matter what they have faced. Above all, her faith in God has been her strong foundation throughout her life. 

Now 93, and combatting Alzheimer’s, her family has surrounded her with the same unconditional love she gave them her whole life. We are so grateful for the ways she has invested in her grandchildren, and the impact her character has instilled in our own Luis Brizio.  

We honor this amazing woman by naming one of our most beautiful bags after her. The Rosa Lilia Tote is the best of both worlds, combining amazing hand woven yute textiles with the rich leather that our products are known for. Available in four different textile/leather combinations!

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