Nidia's Determination to Succeed

This is Nidia.


Nidia is one of the oldest children in her family of 12. From a very young age, she began doing domestic chores for others in her village to support her family and give some relief to their dire economic situation. And like most kids in Honduras with similar stories, she desired more: education, opportunity, and an opportunity to change her family’s legacy.

Her parents were able to send her to school in her local village through the sixth grade, but due to the remote rural location of their village there were no more education options beyond the sixth grade.

In 2016 that all changed when she learned about an opportunity to continue her education at the Lazarus Academy operated by Mission Lazarus. She enrolled in the seventh grade and as a part of the vocational program she also began learning sewing. 

For the next three years Nidia showed great determination, walking 1.5 hours every day each way to school. The sacrifice paid off, and when she graduated she was offered a job in the Lazarus Artisan Goods production studio.

Nidia working in the leather production studio

In 2021 Nidia was a high school graduate and a great employee with strong attention to detail. Her supervisors noticed her dedication to her work and as a result, she was invited to apply for an assistant teacher position at Lazarus Academy in 2022.

Nidia is now an assistant to one of our kindergarten classes. She continues to work towards accomplishing her goals in life, attending weekend classes at the local university where she is studying to be an engineer.

Nidia assisting a kindergarten class at Lazarus Academy

Looking back, Nidia says she feels a sense of accomplishment, transformation, and gratitude for how God has been with her every step of the way.  As she works and dreams toward her future, we know she has a bright one ahead.

Can you imagine what life might have been like for Nidia if she had not had the opportunity to continue her studies? This story of the powerful transformation of a young girl without opportunities to dream about her future is a true example of the impact you make when you choose to be intentional with your purchases and your charitable giving.

Through your support, we can continue to help young girls and boys like Nidia who dream of changing their families’ legacies. These young, hard-working, and determined individuals can become educated changemakers with the potential to dramatically improve the way of life for those in their families, their communities, and the world.