Meet Felipa


People matter and so do their stories. 

Meet Felipa, the namesake of our Felipa Wristlet Clutch.

Felipa has always lived in the remote Honduran village of Las Pitas. When Mission Lazarus started visiting the community and sharing the word of God, she was invited to a gathering at the house of one of the leaders named Abilio. At the time, she was attending a different church, but years later she felt the need to give her life to the Lord so she decided to visit the church that Mission Lazarus had helped start and there she was baptized. Since then she has been a faithful member of that body of believers. 

She is also a patient at the Mission Lazarus clinic in Las Pitas. Felipa told us how hard it is to visit the public clinic which is two hours walking distance, while the Mission Lazarus clinic that opened a few years ago takes her only 10 minutes. What has impacted her even more than the close distance is how she is treated by the medical staff and this is what makes her want to keep coming back. She feels they take care of her and is grateful for all the support she has received, especially when they found out she had a cyst in her womb. After having some exams and visiting a specialist, she and her family and friends started praying for healing. When she went back to the specialist, the cyst was gone! All that time, the medical staff was there to encourage her and pray with her. She really appreciates that Mission Lazarus has been helping the whole community of Las Pitas, both physically and spiritually.

At Lazarus Artisan Goods, we believe that above all, all people are made in the image of God and that every single one of these people matter to Him. Because of this, people should matter to us too. The people that we get to come alongside in developing countries inspire us, bring us joy, challenge us, encourage us, and teach us more about God as we seek to advance His kingdom together.  Each of them have beautiful stories and we want to share them with all of you, our customers and supporters, to better connect us to each other. Because we belong to each other, and the more we understand this, the more beautiful our world will be.

We named one of our favorite products after our sister and friend, Felipa. The Felipa wristlet clutch is adorable, versatile and comes in multiple leather options- all at a price that can't be beat. It's the perfect little gift for every woman on your list this holiday!

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