Meet Alejandro

People matter and so does their story.

 Alejandro first knew about Mission Lazarus when Ernesto, our leather instructor, told him that he was going to start working there and has heard all the good things that Mission Lazarus does for rural communities.  As the godfather of Ernesto, Alejandro was really more of a direct father figure- which Ernesto desperately needed as he was growing up. Like many in their small town of Caña, Ernesto’s father would get drunk every night, so Ernesto used to spend every moment he could sitting at Alejandro’s feet and drinking in the validation and wisdom that he poured out. “Alejandro always told me, ‘Never give up on your dream,” Ernesto says. We are so thankful for this man and the impact he has had on Ernesto's life, and unquestionably many others. 

Taciturn and honest from decades of dedicating himself to gruelling agricultural labor, Alejandro bestows his smiles sparingly, but when he does, they light up the room. Regarding having a bag named after him, Alejandro jokes that at least something representing him will get on a plane and travel. You can shop the Alejandro backpack here.

At Lazarus Artisan Goods, we believe that above all, all people are made in the image of God and that every single one of these people matter to Him. Because of this, people should matter to us too. The people that we get to come alongside in developing countries inspire us, bring us joy, challenge us, encourage us, and teach us more about God as we seek to advance His kingdom together.  Each of them have beautiful stories and we want to share them with all of you, our customers and supporters, to better connect us to each other. Because we belong to each other, and the more we understand this, the more beautiful our world will be.

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