Brayan's New Job

Bryan in the accounting office


This is Brayan. He started his vocational and junior high education with our sister organization, Mission Lazarus, some 10 years ago as a young teenager. The head leathersmith instructor, Ernesto, shared more than his leather working skills: he shared life. Brayan graduated from our program and started working full time while finishing his high school education, eventually graduating with honors on an accounting track.


Brayan working in the leather shop


Over the past few years Brayan grew to be one of the most talented leathersmiths and leaders in our shop, often taking the lead on developing new product prototypes. Due to his leadership and attention to quality, Brayan was promoted to production supervisor.

Brayan’s education continues, now in University, while continuing to work and provide for his family, namely his grandparents who raised him since he was small child.  

Brayan with a leather briefcase he made

All of this is awesome, but... you want to know something even better?

You see, we didn’t start a leather company to make money. We started a leather company to make a lasting impact. It’s our belief that we can use a for-profit business model to see sustainable transformation, not only in Honduras but around the world.  

As for Brayan, he told us that because of Mission Lazarus he is a new person, transformed in Christ and aspiring to a great future. He shared one moment in particular that marked a moment of change in his life. It happened at our daily staff devotional when our founder Jarrod Brown prayed for him. Brayan says that in that moment God grabbed his heart and he tearfully repented and reconciled with the Lord. Brayan looked up and was surprised to see Jarrod in tears as well as he accepted Jesus in his heart.

Brayan and Jarrod

Much to Brayan’s surprise, just a few weeks ago he was offered a new position with even more responsibility as a staff accountant in the finance department for Mission Lazarus. This promotion is really exciting for Brayan, and while we will miss him greatly in our production shop we are so thrilled for Brayan’s future and the legacy that he's creating.  

This is what your purchase of our amazing leather products does. This is the impact that you have when you choose to be intentional with your purchase. We are very thankful that you believe in our approach of using business to transform lives, and in turn, we’re thankful for the investment that you’ve made in the life of Brayan and many others just like him. 

Mission Lazarus has impacted so many lives
To learn more about Brayan's story, watch his video.