On our honor, we promise...


1.  Transparency and sustainability, so that you have confidence that your investment makes a meaningful impact.

    2.  Excellence, because we maintain the highest standard of business practices in our ministry.

      3.  Intentionality, because we train contemplative leaders to make decisions that avoid creating dependence.

        4.  Leadership transference, so that impact continues in families for generations.


          Board of Directors

          Mike Calvert, Board Chairman, Houston, TX                                                                                               Dave Gibbs, Houston, TX

          Jarrod Brown, President, Nashville, TN                                                                                                        Phil Smith, Cincinnati, OH

          Emily Gray, Secretary, Chicago, IL                                                                                                           John Patterson, Houston, TX

          Tim Cooper, Treasurer, Nashville, TN                                                                                               Wendy Humphries, Midland, TX