San Lazaro Estate

The San Lazaro Estate is a coffee farm located within the Sierra de La Botija Mountains near San Marcos de Colon in southern Honduras.  The Sierra de la Botija was name by UNESCO in 2017 as a World Heritage site due to its biodiversity. 

The San Lazaro Estate is committed to producing great coffee and empowering women to change their legacies through great wages and a great work environment.  We're the only farm in the region with a female manager, and 45 of our 50 employees are women.  Sustainable wages provide the mechanism for these women to dream and to shape the futures of their families.  Our Kingdom focus allows all of our employees at the farm to shape their eternities.  

Our focus variety is primarily caturra, which is grown in a rich volcanic soil that informs its piquancy. In 2017 our coffee farm was officially certified fair trade through Fair Trade USA.