The cream's the best part


Just like hope, sandwiched in between faith and love.  

"But the greatest of these is love" (I Cor 13:13)  

"Without faith it is impossible to please God" (Heb 11:6)

It seems that hope is something you just can't get at in the absence of faith and love. Like it's there in the middle because hope is a state that exists because faith and love act together in your life.  So when I come into contact with the world and find hopelessness, it's not got some quick fix.  Hope is an expression of spirituality.  

Many things can keep us from developing our spirituality.  Being made in the image of God doesn't put anyone at the head of the class.  For Aleyda Zepeda, it was debilitating pain. Raised by elderly grandparents, Aleyda suffered scoliosis for years while doctors at the national hospital offered no treatment but recommended surgery.  She was strung along for more than five years on the waiting list, and when it came time for her surgery, the surgical team said she was too severe, and they called it off.

That's how I met Aleyda.  Managing cases that consume months and sometimes years of time to find solutions inevitably creates relationship.  God can use many things to draw us into the path that illuminates faith, instills hope, and gifts love. 

After her surgery, Aleyda kept in touch.  Relationships that have brought faith, hope, and love into one's life are not relationships to let go of.  That was 8 years ago. Aleyda is now one of our scholarship recipients, and wants to use her life to pay it forward, give a little faith, hope, and love to someone else.  She has said, You can't give what you don't have, but you should give what you do have.  Well said, Aleyda, well said. 


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