Purchasing with a Purpose


“When you can make a business out of solving a social or environmental problem, you have sustainability in the real sense, because it’s going to work even if you have no donations.” - Maria Emilia Correa, expert in sustainable entrepreneurship. 

Creating jobs that pay truly livable wages to the worker culminates our goal of sustainability on two distinct fronts - first, it celebrates job security and its impact on the family and community, and secondly, it supports and strengthens our ministry as we find more and more ways to generate revenue to re-invest in the ministry.  

The Lazarus Store is primarily an ecommerce venture where we showcase and sell artisan products of leather, textile, metal, and wood produced by our vocational school students and graduates under the eyes of our master artisans.  Lazarus Store products are also sold in the Posada gift shop in Jayacayan, Honduras, as well as our international office in Franklin, Tennessee. You can visit our online store here.

The Lazarus Posada is a venture in the hospitality industry in Jayacayan, Honduras, that serves both mission guests and local travelers.  It is an eco-hotel, restaurant, and event venue with a capacity to accommodate 120 people.   

The Lazarus Coffee Plantation is located within the Sierra de la Botija Forest reserve where four varieties of coffee are grown in rich volcanic soil.  We provide employment to more than 85 families on the mountain.  For these families, coffee has always been their heritage but it has not ever been a viable livelihood.  We are proud to pay every worker 25% above established fair wages, effectively uniting heritage and livelihood again on the mountain. You can learn more about our coffee plantation here and buy coffee here.


The Lazarus Hacienda is an agricultural business venture on our 1200+ acre ranch where we farm crops, raise dairy and beef herds, and log timber while protecting the integrity of the land for today and the future.

Abundant life is a promise for this life as well as the next.  Mission Lazarus works to amplify the truth of this promise to many individuals in the developing world.  Help us continue to invest in individuals who are reaching out for God's promises through social enterprise initiatives. 

Purchase with a Purpose

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