Not Alone.

Connection is critical to life.  Being "not alone" is protective, it's nutritive.  From the first moment that you came into existence, you were tied to someone else.  Once you arrived in the world, you were part of a family, and part of a community, and part of a larger world.  But at the core of it all, is your world - your inner world.  

In Honduras and Haiti, we work with individuals, families and communities commonly affected by violence, shame, loss, trauma, grief, guilt, neglect, injustice, abuse, apathy, anxiety, depression, and poverty.  While some of these effects are visible and obvious, many of the most significant harms occur internally.  We may never know about them if the person does not feel safe enough to choose to reveal them.  

Our pastors and directors spend lots of time discipling others in our churches, clinics, schools, offices, and in the Refuge because connection is that important. We invest in people because people are that important.  God's prescription for healing calls for increased connectedness. 

That is why one of our greatest joys is witnessing a decision to trust Jesus, who redeems the pain of the past to enrich the present and future, and uses each one of us, if we're willing, to be a connector.

Everyone born of God overcomes the world. ” — I John 5:4



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