A Look Inside Women's Health- Dania Perez


Dania is 38 years old and a single mother of four. She farms a small patch of land to provide a monthly income of about $50 for her family. Dania lives about a two hour walk from the clinic and enrolled in our women’s program at the insistence of her mother. Dania had no complaints or symptoms on examination but her Pap revealed that she had Cervical Carcinoma. The Lazarus Clinic sponsored Dania’s surgical treatment, and because her diagnosis was made early, she will make a full recovery without requiring radiation or chemotherapy.


According to the International Conference of Alma Ata in 1978, primary care services are of quintessential importance, as it is the recipient of the highest volume of users across the health system and is essential to ensure quality care, desired outcomes, satisfaction of the population and appropriate use of resources. 
The Lazarus Clinic is aimed at the recruitment and retention of patients. Our health care team acknowledges that clinical services alone are inadequate to address all the aspects of wellbeing, and many health care issues must be addressed beyond the clinic walls, in homes and in communities. Our women’s program provides clinical and educational services, as well as case management and sponsorship of patients who require surgical interventions. In short, every member of the medical team, including the patient, is empowered to pursue health for better outcomes.

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