Jesus was a carpenter

To me, wood is heavy, splintery, and (sometimes) sappy.  Then there's the sawdust, which is itchy, or ouchie (put on your eyewear, please) and the machinery, which is loud and scary.  I talk to Marcos about these "unpleasantries" and he reminds me that Jesus was a carpenter.  That shuts me up, usually.  



As much as Marcos enjoys working with wood, he's found his calling in the holistic mentor-apprentice relationship he enjoys with each of his students.  When he became a born-again Christian, his family wasn't happy.  

Indeed, all who desire to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted.” — 2 Tim 3:12


Marcos has suffered isolation and rejection to stand with Christ.  His wife left him and abandoned their son.  Soon after, her family claimed custody to protect the child from Christian influence. But Marcos has persevered to see better days.  Now with his third group of apprentice-students, his humility and openness make him accessible to his students not only as a master artisan, but as a teacher along the road of life.  His is a case study of overcoming great personal adversity through reliance on a faith that is real enough to survive life's difficulties and come out on the other side with gratitude and joy.  That is enough to inspire us all, I think.  We think the world of him, and thank God for him, and we should, after all, he is a carpenter :)