Coffee Wood, Alamo Trees, Full Grain Leather and Damascus Steel

I've personally been watching these knives come together for a long time. And they're beautiful. They have taken a long time to be made, and it was done 100% by hand. We have limited quantities just in time for Christmas.


Handles: Wood from 75 year old coffee trees from our coffee farm. Coffee wood is very hard with a fine grain and the efforts to shape these handles paid off in how beautiful they are.

Blades: Damascus Steel, which combines layers of forged steel to create an extremely strong blade, a craft that was perfected centuries ago by sword makers in in Damascus.

Wood Box: Wood from old Alamo trees on our coffee farm that were pruned in 2019. The beautiful natural red color is so amazing we wanted to find the perfect use for this wood so that it would not be wasted.

Leather Sheath: Hand tooled full grain leather with a classic basket weave pattern. Each individual square of the basket weave was tooled by hand, one by one, not with a large stamping machine.