Why do you require evacuation coverage?

We do everything we can to mitigate your risks while you volunteer with us, but we require MedJet Assist because medical emergencies happen.  We have a long-standing relationship with this company and have air-evacuated two volunteers in the lifetime of our organization within hours with a single phone call.

Additionally, Medjet membership allows the protected member to be transported back to a home country hospital of his/her choice and does not require the illness/injury to be such that a transport is medically-necessary. As such, Medjet empowers the member to choose where he wants to to receive care as long as he/she is stable for flight and a doctor will admit them at the receiving hospital. (For example, a qualifying injury could be a compound fracture that requires a surgical procedure – something that perhaps “could” be performed in-country (Honduras or Haiti) but the Medjet member prefers to have the procedure done in the U.S.

Another awesome advantage is that Medjet has no dollar caps on air medical transport services. There is zero out of pocket for Medjet transport cases that can easily be above $50,000 – the cap for many other air travel coverage companies.

Lastly, Medjet has no health questions, deductibles, co-payments or claim forms; it does not subrogate for other possible insurance, and Medjet has no adventure travel restrictions.