Why can't we wear shorts?

It's not so much that we are against shorts as it is that we are pro-pants.  Pants help protect you around the worksite (especially if you are doing physical labor) and they protect your from the sun and (wait for it...) mosquitoes, which reduce your risk of contracting malaria, Zika, Dengue, and Chikungunya.  

Just like we are not anti-flip-flops we are just pro-closed-toe shoes for the worksite. Feel free to wear modest shorts and don your flip flops when you are relaxing at the hotel or lodge. We ask that you don't wear spaghetti strap shirts or short skirts either.  Again, think sun and mosquito protection.  

We basically try to stay in line with local church culture, which is pretty modest, unlike local secular culture.  Thanks for your cooperation with these guidelines, we appreciate it!