Do you need volunteers?

We employ a large national staff to run our programs but often seek individual volunteers with specific skill sets to reach many of our professional development (training) goals and to supplement our services.  Most working professionals can set aside a week to serve in Honduras or Haiti in the areas of education, public health, social services, church leadership, administration, and financial planning.   

We have opportunities at our international office in Nashville, Tennessee, and also look for volunteer advocates to bring awareness of our organization to your local church or community.  One way to become an advocate is to host an online or home sale of our products. Click this link for more information about home opportunities. 

Corporate or church groups can plan, recruit and execute a week-long supportive mission trip as we often need small groups of construction-competent individuals who can further develop infrastructure, whether it is construction of a home, church, school, pavilion, latrine, water well, or perimeter wall. Click this link for more information about opportunities abroad.